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2017/18 OCC Program

Here’s the outlin for this season’s program and education schedule. Please not some of the time changes.
Link to Year at a Glance (Download PDF)

Competition Special Topics

The Special Topics for our first 4 general Competitions are listed below along with their respective deadlines.

Note: This year, there is a change in the file submission standard. See the Competition page for details.


Special Topics for this year:

Competition 1: Street. Deadline: Closed

Competition 2: Night Photography. Deadline: Closed

Competition 3: Motion. Deadline: Closed

Competition 4: Juxtaposition/Contrasts.
                    Deadline: Closed

2017-18 ACC: Deadline: Closed

April Issue of InFocus is here - no foolin!

2018 PEX Poster 8x11.pdf OCC Newsletter 1804.pdf